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Personal Brand Online

Google Yourself

Many of my clients share one crucial misconception: they think they do not need a personal brand. Let us clear this up quickly, because in the digital age, everything aggregates. So, whether you know it or not, you’ve likely already got one, and you need one. Our cell phones give us immediate access to more information than world leaders of...

Making Your Own Luck

Making Your Own Luck, 3 Reasons Tunnel Vision is Critical

This is my thirteenth article published on Thrive Global. In honor of this number, I chose to ignore the superstition that #13 is unlucky – or lucky, depending on who you ask. The truth is that what we do and create matters more than any external circumstance, including passive luck. Thrive Global founder Arianna Huffington is a fine example of...


Practice Entrepreneurship at Work And Everyone Can Win – 5 ways to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills as an employee.

5 Ways to strengthen your entrepreneurial skills as an employee. While the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship become truly tangible only in its daily practice, not everyone needs to start their own business to benefit from its key elements. In fact, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit can increase job satisfaction, whether you plan to venture out on your own someday or simply want a more...