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Personal Brand Online

Google Yourself

Many of my clients share one crucial misconception: they think they do not need a personal brand. Let us clear this up quickly, because in the digital age, everything aggregates. So, whether you know it or not, you’ve likely already got one, and you need one. Our cell phones give us immediate access to more information than world leaders of...

Tell Your Story - Typewriter

The Impact of Sharing Your Story

Why do stories matter? One thing that connects every human is that we each have a story to tell. Many of us are fortunate enough to have multiple chapters. But no matter how young or old, we are rich with details of our lives, challenges, triumphs, world view and passions. The art of storytelling began long ago in our earliest records...

Email-Marketing- What are you doing?

Small Biz Email Marketing: Make it or Break it!

In this age of digital chaos and over-communicating, things too quickly convolute. Small business brands are constantly sending mixed-marketing messages... or worse, they don't have a coherent message to begin with. What are you regularly doing to stay in touch with customers that communicates your vision, mission, and authentic brand voice in a constructive and coherent way?  Are you using email...